Too Blessed to be Stressed

Are you tired of being stressed? Do you want to get blessed? Welcome to the Too Blessed to be Stressed Blog! Too Blessed to be Stressed is a TV Show based in the Diocesis of Brooklyn in NYC. Too Blessed to be Stressed is here to bless your life and fill your heart with the joy of The Lord. On each show we will interview people that have experienced the powerful and gracious hand of God in their lives. Come and get your blessing! Isn’t time to be blessed and not stressed? Click,Watch,Comment and Promote! Help us fill the world with the love of God. Together we can do it. Believe it!

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AND please join us on Dec 14 where we will have a Resurrection Party and you are invited. On this day all the guests of the show will be present as well. So if there is a story that has spoken into your life, given you hope or connected in any way with you, then this is the day to show up and meet the person face to face. Its going to be an AWESOME night. The party is free, but you must register for it. Hope to see you in person on that day!